Useful Trade Datasets

  1. UNComtrade

    • Comprehensive trade flows dataset.

    • UN COMTRADE data can be downloaded with a limit of 100,000 rows/request, if without subscription.

    • Variables include export, import, re-export, re-import, domestic export, foreign export, import of goods for inward processing, import of goods after inward processing, etc.

    • Link: UNComtrade.

  2. CEPII

    • Gravity variables (distance, common language, colonial experience, etc).

    • Bilateral trade flows are also available (1995~). You can do a bulk download with this at the 6-digit HS code instead of using UNComtrade. CEPII.

    • Link: CEPII.

  3. International Trade and Production Database for Estimation (ITPD-E)

    • The database contains consistent data on international and domestic trade at the industry level, covering agriculture, mining, energy, manufacturing, and services.

    • Link: ITPD-E.


    • Data includes international merchandise trade, trade in services, digital economy, trade and biodiversity, ocean trade, technology and innovation, plastics trade, commodity prices, etc.

    • Link: UNCTAD.

  5. FAO

    • Food and agricultural trade dataset, available at a detailed food item level.

    • Link: FAODATA.

  6. USDA

    • US-focused bilateral trade dataset, available at a detailed food item level.
    • Link: USDA.

  7. WITS

    • Trade and Tariff data
    • Link: WITS.

  8. WIIW

    • Non-tariff measures (NTM) data at 6-digit HS code for the period 1995-2019.
    • Link: WIIW.